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I don’t want kids
I don’t want a dog or a cat or any animals
I don’t want to be stuck at the bottom of the career chain for ever
I don’t want a job I don’t enjoy
I don’t want noise or people running around or screaming
I don’t want any fuss or any stress when I’m trying to chill
I don’t want people fussing over me I’ll look after myself
I don’t want to be stuck I don’t want to be trapped or chased
I don’t want to be sad
I don’t want to make any relationship first moves I don’t want to make first moves full stop
I don’t want to be pressured I don’t want to be expected
I don’t want to live in this house any more
I don’t want to be alone
I don’t want financial commitment
I don’t want lots I just want the best
I want to be happy
I want a nice house and a nice car
I want a job where I can do the running around and fussing and helping and looking after
I want to care for someone
I want to do because I want to do, not because people expect it from me
I want to surprise and excite and amaze
I want to be spontaneous
I want to go on trips and enjoy myself
I want to come back to somewhere I feel happy
I just want to be happy, I just want to be happy

kurt geiger interview oufit
do i look hot to trot or wot
me and ma main hunny jess p before t in the park

hiya this is me live in front of nicki minaj on bbc three can you imagine because i deffo cant

view this video i am literally at like 00:04/00:05 just before it cuts up to her on stage


ily Cameron (Taken with instagram)
yolo always
my top gal iamscorpio
top Clarks gal
there’s actually a lot more to me than this

Yes cameron! I love him and his url is mentlife

eewwww prreettyyy mmiiinnggaasss
rude gyals